Sabtu, 03 Juni 2017

Speech Text for Final Examination

At this golden opportunity allow me, Hendi , to stand in front of you all to deliver a brief speech about "The Danger Of Smoking". Before I will start to talk at length, it's good to let together we see what has happened around us at this time. Yes, the first thing we see is people smoking everywhere. Is not this kind of thing that will interfere with our health? Cigarettes can cause illness through the smoke we breathe. Can we imagine if every day we breathe smoke produced by cigarettes? Surely this is very dangerous for all of us.

My friends

Do you know? In this little tiny thing (a cigarette) has more than 4000 dangerous substances that will lead those who smoke it to death. Imagine, 4000 deadly substances!!! Are those 4000 evil substances not enough to make us to stop smoking???

I wonder why people are still smoking cigarette. Among of those substances, there are nicotine, the substance that causes addictive to smoke over and over again; tar, the substance that causes lung cancer; carbon monoxide, the substance that blocks oxygen circulation within blood; and carcinogen, the main actor of all cancer caused by smoking. People who smoke cigarettes, smokers, actually know the information. But again, I still wonder why they do smoke.

And wait!!! Those terrible things of smoking are not the worst thing. The super worst thing of smoking is the passive smokers. Yeah, the bad effects of smoking habit are not only for those who smoke (active smoker) but also those innocent people who inadvertently inhale the smoke of cigarettes. The passive smokers receive bad effect of smoking even three times bigger than the active smokers themselves. Just remember our beloved ones who don't smoke, our friend, our family or our children. Are they really deserve all bad things of what we done.

Can we stop smoking now??? I beg you.

My beloved friends

Indeed, the habit of smoking is not as easy to stop as it is said. It needs great effort and courage. But we can start to stop smoking right now with a healthy life style. Remember all bad things that we will get if we still consuming cigarettes. Remember those innocent of passive smokers who will get the same misfortune if they inhale the poisonous smoke we produce. Remember our children, family, and friends who will be damage if they are near with us who still smoke. Just remember all those things. And please stop it. It's enough. Stop smoking NOW! 

Stop it now. Stop it now. Thank you.

Rabu, 31 Mei 2017


1. Sandpaper
2. Basin
3. Scissors
4. Straight iron as a cutting tool
5. Markers
6. Glass cutter
7. Tang
8. Iron
1. Glass used with thickness 3 mm and 5 mm
2. Secondhand mirror with 2 mm thick
3. H2O2 (Hydrogen Peroxide) with 50% concentration as much as 200cc
4. Glue glass
5. Citric acid (citric) packaging small
6. Sponge
1. Cut glass that has a thickness of 5 mm, with the following sizes: 10 x 10 cm as much as 1 piece, 
    2 x 2 cm as many as 4 pieces, 8 x 1 cm as many as 28 pieces
2. Cut glass that has a thickness of 3 mm, with the following sizes: 7 x 7 cm as much as 1 piece, 
    3 x 7 cm as many as 4 pieces
3. Cut a mirror that has a thickness of 2 mm, with the following sizes: 4 x 1.5 cm as many as 4 pieces,
    3 x 1.5 cm as many as 4 pieces
4. Cut a 2 x 2 cm sponge by 4 pieces
5. Use a glass that has a thickness of 5 mm with a size of 10 x 10 cm as a base / base ashtray
6. Create a wall / frame ashtray using a glass that has a thickness of 5 mm with a size of 8 x 1 cm of 
    28 pieces, by arranging it like a brick by using glass glue

7. Giving glue on the glass should be by applying glue from the middle then elongated to the side

8. Create an arch on the mouth of the ashtray (as a place to put cigarettes) by using a glass cutter and 
    then smoothed using sandpaper
9. Make an ashtray foot by attaching a glass that has a thickness of 5 mm with a size of 2 x 2 cm 
    on all four corners of ashtray 
10. Attach the sponge to the four legs of the ashtray
11. The result is like the picture below

1. Combine H2O2 with two-thirds of a pack of citron (small packing) on the basin
2. Put the butterfly leaves into the mixture
3. Soak at least up to 1 day 1 night
4. Drain the leaf and then dry
5. In order for the leaves look better and neat, setrikalah the leaves one by one
6. Leaves ready for use

• Arrange the dried leaves earlier in the base in the ashtray with the pattern as below  

• Left bended leaves are then affixed to the inside wall of the ashtray
• Press the leaf using a glass that has a thickness of 3 mm with a size of 7.5 x 7.5 cm (without glue)
• Arrange a few more leaves on the wall in an ashtray tucked outside the rest of the original leaf, 
  as shown below 
• Once neatly arranged, press / press using glass that has a thickness of 3 mm with a size of 
  7.5 x cm
• Repeat the above activities until all the inside of the ashtray is closed, preferably the use of glue  is only used to glue the two sides of glass that really should be attached. Because, the remaining visible glue will reduce the esthetic value of the ashtray
    • Cut out the remaining leaves that are not covered in glass
    • For upper / mouth ashtray (part of leaf and glass intersection), covered with a mirror that has 
a thickness of 2 mm
   • The result is as shown below... 

task 4

1. Speech is a speaking activity in front of public or oration by someone , for declare/ repre sent on         opinion, idea, thought or over view about something that is cousrdered important and worthy               discussed.

2. The aspects in speech are :
    - Speaking  of whice better.
    - Greetings oponer
    - Oponer
    - The contents of the speech
    - Closing
    - Greetings closing

     Before delivering the speech, the much :
    - Choose the theme
    - Choose putpose of speech
    - Analyzt situation of the reader
    - Preape and collect the material
    - Arrange the part of speech

3. Topic of speech : The Danger of smoking