Selasa, 18 April 2017

I Can't Imagine Life Without Money

     Recent technological developments have changed the way of human life. One is the way of commerce are increasingly using electronic transactions. The use of cash is more limited. Not only to transactions between companies or B to B (Business to business) but also buying and selling between companies and consumers or B to C (Business to Consumer). Even transactions between individuals was now more likely to use the account transfer.
      Indeed, the use of cash has some drawbacks.
      First, we have to carry cash in large quantities for large value transactions. Second, bring cash at a higher risk of inviting crime. Thirdly, the transaction with cash is inefficient because it takes time to count the money and provide change if necessary.
     This time a transaction using a credit or debit card is more widely used. Coupled with the electronic money or e-money, a card containing a certain amount of money that can be used in various places. Not just shopping at the mall or large store it, just buy gasoline or pay parking else we could do without the cash. Even the plan expenditure in the pavement Jakarta will also use this type of card.
      We can also transact using credit as a means of payment. So we do not need to have a card or cash as long as there is a pulse in our mobile phones. The cash increasingly marginalized and abandoned. Moreover, if the technology used for electronic transactions easier and cheaper, it could be all kinds of businesses will use them.  
     Maybe merchant tent stalls, stall or even non roadside food vendors around (pureed chicken, meatballs, fried rice, etc.) will provide EDC (electronic data capture) which is used to swipe credit and debit cards. Consumers will pay no need to carry cash. Likewise, traders do not need to provide coins for change. Practical and efficient. 
      If the question is, can we live without cash? In the technology may be. Yet this time but in the future it might happen. If the ease of technology has reached all corners of the country and the cost can be affordable. We do not need to carry cash everywhere. 
     What are the consequences? Cashless transactions will reduce the amount of labor. Abroad no attendant in the parking lot, we walked into the parking lot using the card or ticket button pressed. How to pay for parking simply by attaching a card or by inserting cash into a payment machine. Likewise, when we use the motorway and buying gasoline. They no longer need an employee to receive payment or help refuel. 
     In time, mini market or supermarket no longer need to register. Consumers can do their own transactions. The goods purchased barcodenya scanned and the amount of the price paid will appear on the screen. Consumers can pay for itself with a stick or card swipe machine. Just need to monitor the security guards from a distance. 
     If I change the question, do we really want to live without cash? Life without cash means reducing our interactions with others. Trade is not just buying and selling but also the communication and the fabric of friendship. Buying and selling of friendship and brotherhood born because we need each other. 
     If we are trading with machines, we also would like machine. Life is like a programmed robot. Without any human touch. First humans ever live without cash when barter is still a means of exchange. By barter, they build up confidence born money as means of payment. 
Do you still want to live without cash? 

Jumat, 14 April 2017


Tell you a little about my hobbies are generally favored by many people. I love drawing, I like to draw a cartoon character. The first time I began to realize that I was able to draw a cartoon character when my friend asked me to draw a cartoon "Garfield" cartoon character shaped body having a fat cat and likes to eat. When I tried to draw it I also do not think the pictures turned out to be similar to the existing picture book of my friend. The picture is the first picture I made similar to the original image. Because of that I am interested to draw cartoon characters to another. Within a few hours I was able to make three pictures a cartoon character. I quite feel calm when I'm drawing, when it is too late I also draw to eliminate the whole me.

There is a very unfortunate from my hobby. I can draw when given an example, when I draw under the inspiration of time to me it is used to reflect the image of what I would make, other than that I have not been able to draw in the shape of human figures, only a cartoon figure the shape of animals or other than humans can my pictures.

Nowadays I rarely draw, a lot of time to me when I used to work on assignments and perform other activities. So it is still difficult to develop my hobby.

Kamis, 23 Maret 2017

Task 1

1.        Critical Cartoons

A.    Warm Up

Work with a partner or in small groups. Discuss the questions below.

1.      How many electronic devices have you used in the past 24 hours? List them.

Answer  :  We used at least 9 electronic devices, they are:

1)      Smartphone

2)      Television

3)      Laptop

4)      Rice cooker

5)      Fan

6)      Lamp

7)      Dispenser

8)      Air conditioner

9)      Projector

2.      What activities do robots do today? What other things would you like them to do?

Answer  :  For today, robots can washing clothes, cleaning house, with vacuum cleaner, help us printing our assignment. It would be great if robots could accompany us shopping and help us to carry our items.

3.      Are there certain things we should always do for ourselves? What? Why?

Answer  :  I think we should clean our home for ourselves, because if not do it by ourselves, we will be lazy people, and always need robot’s help in any work.

2.        Core Vocabulary

A.    Scanning and skimming

1.      Find and underline the keywords in the text. The first one is done for you. Try to guess their meanings.


In Line




to legally take another person’s child into your own family and take care of him or her as your own child



help, support



work, job, profession



computer program, password



hesitant, be wary, uncertain, anxious



exertion, attempt



power, energy



defied orders, be against, disagree with


9, 14



2, 8

dish out, present, cater

2.      Read the statements below. Which best summarizes the text? Circle A, B, or C.

Answer  :  B. In future, robots will help us in the home and might also be considered family members.

Kamis, 09 Maret 2017

Task 2


A. Pre-reading question

1. in what ways will robots make our lives better in the future? in what ways will they make our lives worse?
  • i think in the future, the robots can treat many ilness like minimize the mistake in surgical operation or unvestigate the ilness more specificly
  • the robots also make our live worse with making humans lazy because the human will suspended with robots to do their personal activity like excercing, eating, take a bath, etc
 2. what kinds of robots would you like to see?
  • i really want to see a humanoid robots that can help me to manage my house like cleaning all my stuf, protecting my house from robbe, etc
  • in teh future, i want a robot that give me a lot of money freely
  • in the future, robots i wanted see that robots could bring to spaceship
  • in the future, robots i wanted to see that robot could help still young
B. Reading

paragraph 1. line 1-3
paragraph 2, line 12
paragraph 3, line 21 and 22

C.  identifying topic and main idea
  1. which of the following best describes the topic of the text? c. robots in the home
  2. which of the following best describes the main idea of the text? a. robots will improve our lives in many ways
E. identifying opinions

     b. it is clear that we live happier and healtheir live because of modern technology.
  • because, it's not clear that modern technology just give a good impact or us. everything will have a advantage or disadvantage. beside make our live happier ang healtheir. it can also make human lazier, don't like socializing, etc.
Going beyond the text
  1. in the future, i like if robots being police officer that plated in every corner of the traffic because it can reduce the traffic violators and manage traffic well.  (police officer)
  2. in the future, i like if robots being airline pilot because let me no more pilots sleepy or drunk  (airline pilot)
  3. in the future, i like if robots being doctor because to help in the surgation operation to be more perfect  (doctor)
  4. in the future, i like if robots being store clerk because so the shop keeper no corruption (store clerk)
  5. in the future, i don't like if robots can cook because human need to feed theirselfes to servive  (cook)
  6. in the future, i don't like if robots being singer because its movements can be monotonous and rigid  (singer)
  7. in the future, i like if robots being taxi driver because it does not make tired to drive and reduce the an eating of human
  8. in the future, i don't like if robots being teacher because we can't ask if their a problem in lesson.

Selasa, 28 Februari 2017

Why I Continue My Study to University Level ?

  My name is hendi, im the oldest son of 4 siblings in my house. Now i already go to college on my 8th semester. My hobby is to play futsal and badminton.  Sometime if i have free time,  i usually go fishing. Im a sman 6 alumnus, now i go to college taking civil engineering course at technic faculty of tanjungpura university. So why i choose to go to college ?

      At the beginning it doesnt cross my mind to continue my study to college. My only intention after graduate from highschool is to searching for a job. But my father ask me to  go to college. After hearing my father asking me to go to college i suddenly become confused. In my mind im thinking if i taking a job now, i probably only get small wage and my life only be an ordinary life. Then if i go to college and graduate probably my future will becomemuch better i think.

     And after days i thinking so much about it, i finally take my decision to go to college. As my first step, i registered at Politeknikpontianak taking civil engineering course. I passed the test and got accepted.  But at politeknik after you graduate you will only get diploma 3. One day when i read the newspaper and hearing from  my friends that Tanjungpura university will taking some new students.i tried to register then,  i also choose civil engineering course for the test. Finally i also pass the test and i choose tanjungpura universsity over politeknik because of the higher degree.
      I choose civil engineering because i love it and i want to learn more about construction world. And becomea civil engineer will probably make me easier to get a job.